Eric Alexander Sloan is a major recurring antagonist in the comics. He is the father of a now dead daughter, the ex-husband of an unnamed wife, and the rival of Tanner Lionheart. Sloan is also a scientist and a master manipulator.

In his disguised form, he is portrayed by Brandon Frangipani, while his real actor is unknown.



Not much is known about Sloan, however, he used to be a colleague to Leodore Lionheart, working on a mechanical heart to save Sloan's daughter. However, when Lionheart saw that Sloan was using the mechanical hearts on different mammals, it killed the mammals, making Lionheart furious at Sloan and shutting down his project. The next day, Sloan's daughter had died, with Sloan seeking vengeance against the Lionheart family.




  • Sloan is a character from the Zootopia fanfiction, A Whole New Life.